Day 2 Ultimate Reset

Day 2:

-down 1.5lb

Today I woke up with a huge headache from caffeine withdrawal. I tried to struggle through it and make it till about 10 am and caved and had some coffee. Not a lot but a little to get me through the day. I decided that the headache wasn’t worth it. I will follow the food plan but feeling like crap isn’t doing it for me.


Side note-you will notice that I am repeating some of the meals. The plan says that you can substitute a breakfast for another breakfast or lunch for a different days lunch. That’s what I’m doing. Partly b/c of the food I have handy and also because of time savings. Also there are a couple days that call for Tempeh. I looked for this but couldn’t find it. I live in a small town and even went shopping at the bigger stores and couldn’t find the ingredients for the Nori Rolls and Tempeh. So I am substituting.


For breakfast, I had the same as day 1. Then I was on the move running errands. I stayed full till around 1pm when I had some veggie rolls (substitution for Nori rolls) that were bought from the local grocery store. Around 4pm I had my shake. I stayed full most of the day. LOVED IT! For dinner, I had the beans and rice taco. That was so yummy. I plan to have it again tomorrow night.


I have the hubby on board with healthy eating too. He is doing some of the meals but not the full reset.




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