Weeks 3-5 HFLC/Intermittent fasting

After week three I am ecstatic. I have only finished a workout program one time and I have made it through this far with not skipping any workouts and my food has been on track about 95% of the time. We had a family xmas last Saturday. Tradition there is chicken noodle soup for lunch, a bunch o appetizers and lasagna or supper. I did have a little of each 😦 I am still down 5lbs which was my goal by  Christmas. However, I just had surgery yesterday and brought my ShakeO with for after surgery knowing I woul be hungry and wanted to avoid the saltine crackers they normally give a person after surgery. I had some salad for dinner last night. I wasn’t very hungry.

I woke up today and was very sore where incisions are located. I broke my fast earlier today so I had something  in my stomach before taking the pain killers.  My main goal at this is point is to stay on track with my nutrition so I continue to see progress while I am unable to exercise.

More updates: Sherri is now down 13lbs, Cary is down 9 and I am down 5. WOOHOO!!

Goal for 2018-to see my abs muscles!!!

Week 4-5

I have been busy recovering from the surgery and holidays. It has been an adjustment to get used to not working out. I went back to teach my TNT workout class 3 weeks after surgery. I realized quickly that I was not fully ready to participate (nor was I supposed to). On Wed I was cleared to do as much as I felt up to except for core work. I started back on the treadmill and walked 2 minutes than ran 2 minutes for 2 miles. I felt pretty good after that so I continued with my workout class on Friday morning. I did a little bit more than the previous week. I have been doing pretty well at keeping meals on track. HFLC is really easy once you get used to it. I have not been 100% but shoot for 90% each week.

Progress photo! This is probably the scariest thing for me! I am a little self conscious but I always tell my participants that these pictures are a reality check and putting them side by side shows us how  much progress we are making even if the scale doesn’t show a huge number. So true!!

collage 2017-12-28 10_40_10898530581..jpg

I have some sinus issues going…must have caught a bug with the holidays. I woke up sick on New Years Day. Strangely I tried adding garlic infused water to my neti pot and it helps! I’ll try all sorts of things to avoid going to the doctor and them telling me that I need to wait it out. Anyone else hate that??

I was lucky enough to get an air fryer from my mom for Christmas. Thanks Mom!! I love it. We have been using it to make whole chicken, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, zucchini chips, veggies etc. So quick and easy! I also got a pressure cooker, similar to Instant Pot but different brand. I need to use this more but need to find recipes that work with HFLC. I went with this brand so that I could use it to can spaghetti sauce in later this year.

Time to bring on week 6!!!

HFLC/Intermittent Fasting Beta Group…week 2

Since this group is 12 weeks, I won’t bore you with specifics of every day.  This way of life has become a routine and one that I enjoy! I was tempted when my mom brought down Christmas cookies this week tho and I actually had a few pieces on Sunday.  Weekends are always the hardest for me as our friends are out and about socializing and I have been trying to remain beverage free. I know that those beverages completely negate my progress for the week. I need to get a good jump start on this before introducing them back into my life.  I had some La Croix water and poured it into a wine glass to pretend 🙂

Here are some meal pics.

I mentioned in the last post that I have a surgery coming up. I am very nervous how I will feel when I can not exercise for a couple weeks and have a lifting restriction possibly up to 6 weeks. Also no ab work for 6 weeks as it could cause a hernia. I have had some lower back pain that I have been battling for months so hopefully this break gives my back a much needed rest. In the meantime, there is always walking! Since I live in Wisconsin and it is winter I will be taking advantage of the treadmill. 

Day 15-I was on vacation today and did some meal prep for my surgery recovery. I made some ground chicken mini meat loaves with celery, onion, hot sauce, and I threw in a little blue cheese (which is not approved). These will freeze nicely and help me when I am not feeling like cooking and need to stay on track. 

Update on weight loss:

Me -5lbs

Sherri -10lbs

Cary -8lbs

We are 3 happy ladies!!! I am keeping that Beachbody trip to Riviera Maya in the back of my head and I am working hard with goals of maybe seeing my abs by then. If not, I will see much less stomach blubber!  Side note- I have never seen my abs in my entire life!!!

HFLC and Intermittent Fasting 12 week Journey

Day 1

The Monday after a holiday weekend can be a little tough. I had indulged in plenty of food and beverages over the weekend so I was plenty HUNGRY this morning. I have decided to do an 8 hour eating window and chose to eat from 10:30 am-6:30pm. This was tough for me b/c there are days where I teach a 5am class and waiting till 10:30 to have my first meal is a stretch but I will give it 100%. My “Before” pics were a huge reality check..which I will share at the 3 week point so you can see some progress. I dread those pictures, just like all of you.


Meal 1 was eggs with spinach, avocado, 2 slices of bacon and Shakeology. This was great and filled me up until about 1:30pm. For meal #2 I had a salad with tuna, peppers, and avocado. This was delicious. In the afternoon I had some herbal tea to get me through the my munching time when I am cooking dinner. Meal 3 was zucchini noodles with meatballs and cherry tomatoes. I made this for the hubby too but gave him some organic marinara sauce with his. He was satisfied with the zucchini noodles and didn’t even complain. Day 1=SUCCESS!

*Around 8:30pm I found myself craving chocolate. This is typically the time I’d go to the fridge for a snack. Drank more water and went to bed! This will be a tough time of day for me!



Day 2:

I taught TNT class at 5am today so we knocked out the scheduled workout as part of class. This works out pretty well so I am not doubling up on workouts. Finished my energize when I got home from class and had coffee and a 30 oz of lemon water prior to my 10:30am breakfast. ShakeO for breakfast along with ham & egg cups and avocado. These are my favorite and it filled me up. At 1:30 I wasn’t even hungry but forced myself to eat lunch b/c I had dr appts for the kids all afternoon. I ate some leftover meatballs, walnuts, celery and cucumber. Meal 3 was steak, mushrooms, roasted asparagus, broccoli and Brussel sprouts along with some sweet potato. Very satisfying!



Day 3

Started off my morning with my first HIIT workout LIVE with Chris Downing. WOWZERS! That one was tough. I have a love/hate relationship with burpees but I sweat like a beast. The workout lasted about 15 minutes. Thankfully I have TNT Yoga tonight to stretch out my muscles and relax. Breakfast was eggs, bacon and spinach along with my Shakeology with spinach and MCT added. Today I realized that adding those into the shake definitely helps me reach my daily goals for veggies and healthy fats. It also fills me up!


Day 4

I am feeling good today. Definitely noticing less inflammation. I have a hard time staying off the scale. I’m down 1.5 lbs so far 🙂 Same situation with the meals today so I won’t bore you too  much with the details

Day 5

I was on the run today. Had 5am TNT workout where we worked lower body. I got the kids ready for school and did a LIVE HIIT with Chris Downing. Another great workout! And he was super funny too. Loved that my coach Lauren was doing the demos. So much fun when you the people involved. I had the afternoon off so I was on the go.  I had ShakeO on the run and packed a bag of goodies for the day. I  knew I wouldn’t be home till about 9pm so I had tuna, avocado, with olive oil, onions and lemon juice. I put this on a bed of spinach and ate in the vehicle! I also brought walnuts for a snack. Troy and I went to Panera bread for supper. I opted for the Asian chicken salad but NO bread, dressing on the side AND I even picked off my favorite crunchy wonton noodles. I used to eat those in a bowl with soy sauce!



Day 6

Another busy day. I had signed up to do a 5K at 8:15 am and knew I was going to watch my niece’s bball tourney afterwards so I packed a lunch again. I was STARVING after running in the cold 30 degree weather. I counted down the minutes till 10:30 and had some Applegate chicken with some avocado mayo, walnuts and my ShakeO. Around 1:30 I was on the way home and starving again. I had a beefstick (not the best choice, I know) but not horrible either. Here’s where I go off track. My sweet daughter made chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. At this point I am starving and craving sweets. I caved and had a cookie! Keep in mind that I was down 3.5lbs this morning which is huge for me b/c I normally lose barely 1lb/ week.  I had steak for supper with cauliflower and sweet potatoes. I caved a little here and added some blue cheese to my steak.

Day 7/Rest day

No workout today. Kicked myself for my bad choices yesterday b/c the scale reflected it. YES I KNOW, I am not supposed to weigh in every day. Meals were good today. I stayed away from those cookies!! Egg roll in a bowl for lunch and steak for supper with a ton of veggies.

Here are some takeaways after 1 week:

-inflammation has decreased

-appetite is regulated

-bowel movements are much more regular. TMI, right??? 🙂

Day 8

I weighed in today. 139.8. I was down to 138.6 before those bad choices but also guessing water and sodium played a part in the fluctuation. Either way, I am happy with losing almost 2 lbs. I was not 100% perfect, but I am human! I was much better than I had been in previous weeks! Stay tuned for more details on my progress!



Day 3 Ultimate Reset

Day 3:

-Down 2.2lbs

I continued with a little bit of black coffee today and had it right away in the morning. I had overnight oats for breakfast and found the recipe/instructions on the Beachbody site. There are some recipes that can be used for Reset in a Crunch. These are great to substitute if you are short on time or not feeling like cooking a big meal. Lunch was a greek salad with chicken. This was pretty tasty and had Kalamata olives. I liked those!

For dinner I repeated the black bean and rice taco. I LOVE that recipe and it fills me up!


I haven’t found the meals to be terrible but the way they are laid out hasn’t worked out well with my schedule. I have a bunch of miso soup made up in the fridge and also have lentils ready to make a lime lentil salad which is on my agenda today. I also need to be looking ahead to next week so I know what groceries I need and what meals to have each day.

salad pic

Day 2 Ultimate Reset

Day 2:

-down 1.5lb

Today I woke up with a huge headache from caffeine withdrawal. I tried to struggle through it and make it till about 10 am and caved and had some coffee. Not a lot but a little to get me through the day. I decided that the headache wasn’t worth it. I will follow the food plan but feeling like crap isn’t doing it for me.


Side note-you will notice that I am repeating some of the meals. The plan says that you can substitute a breakfast for another breakfast or lunch for a different days lunch. That’s what I’m doing. Partly b/c of the food I have handy and also because of time savings. Also there are a couple days that call for Tempeh. I looked for this but couldn’t find it. I live in a small town and even went shopping at the bigger stores and couldn’t find the ingredients for the Nori Rolls and Tempeh. So I am substituting.


For breakfast, I had the same as day 1. Then I was on the move running errands. I stayed full till around 1pm when I had some veggie rolls (substitution for Nori rolls) that were bought from the local grocery store. Around 4pm I had my shake. I stayed full most of the day. LOVED IT! For dinner, I had the beans and rice taco. That was so yummy. I plan to have it again tomorrow night.


I have the hubby on board with healthy eating too. He is doing some of the meals but not the full reset.



Ultimate Reset Day 1

Day 1 Ultimate Reset To start off, I struggled to find a good 21-day stretch to do this where I wouldn’t be tempted by food or beverages. This reset will continue over Easter which will be hard! And I thought my husband was going to join me but he decided at the last minute that he wasn’t ready for the supplements. UUUGH. It goes to show that you can’t count on others! You have to be in it for yourself! Here we go!


As for the meals I started off with my morning Optimize (2 pills) and a big glass of water with mineralize in it. Then had 2 eggs, 1 piece whole grain toast and some spinach for breakfast. I ate around 8:30 which is earlier than normal for me. I am used to having Bulletproof coffee which helps hold me off till 11 or before I have my first meal of the day. I will be having some herbal tea shortly to try replace the coffee.


I have been pleasantly surprised at how full I have been today. Lunch was a salad with a creamy garlic dressing and miso soup. I have never made miso soup but have tried it a couple places and enjoyed it. However, when I was shopping for the miso paste they had a red, white and yellow option. I guess Red is the most popular restaurant variety. I got white. It’s OK.


I had my 2nd dose of optimize and the Power Greens drink at 3:30. Thankfully I had read a tip from someone that said “plug your nose” when drinking the power greens. YUCK. But I can deal with chugging it. I only added about 4 oz of water when I mixed it and then slammed a bunch of water afterwards. At 4pm I had a Chocolate Vegan Shakeology which I looked forward to!

Tonight’s supper is salmon, asparagus and baby potatoes. That sounds yummy!


Now for the exercise part….you aren’t supposed to do any vigorous exercise during the Reset. I teach 4 strength training/cardio classes each week so this will be a challenge. My plan is to take it easy at class but I will still be doing something. Because of this I will not be skipping the optional afternoon snack.