Day 3 Ultimate Reset

Day 3:

-Down 2.2lbs

I continued with a little bit of black coffee today and had it right away in the morning. I had overnight oats for breakfast and found the recipe/instructions on the Beachbody site. There are some recipes that can be used for Reset in a Crunch. These are great to substitute if you are short on time or not feeling like cooking a big meal. Lunch was a greek salad with chicken. This was pretty tasty and had Kalamata olives. I liked those!

For dinner I repeated the black bean and rice taco. I LOVE that recipe and it fills me up!


I haven’t found the meals to be terrible but the way they are laid out hasn’t worked out well with my schedule. I have a bunch of miso soup made up in the fridge and also have lentils ready to make a lime lentil salad which is on my agenda today. I also need to be looking ahead to next week so I know what groceries I need and what meals to have each day.

salad pic


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